Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Farmer's Market: a place to teach children about eating healthy! (club mum)

It’s time to reap nature’s bounty: fresh flowers, succulent fruits and a rainbow of bright vegetables! Why not head to your local farmer’s market to pick up the best local, seasonal produce? Want to give your kids a head start on good nutrition and get them to love their veggies? Want to teach them about farmers, growing seasons, and variety? Now's your chance! Make a trip to the farmer's market something to look forward to! Get them involved in picking out the vegetables they want to eat! Where else can you enjoy a day outside while learning about where your food comes from? Find out more at:

How do you teach your kids about local food and produce? Join the conversation at Club Mum, and share your insights! You could be rewarded, just for speaking up and sharing! You’ll discover a community of moms just like you, sharing their own top tricks. Club Mum's resident bloggers all contribute their own unique perspectives on raising kids and making sure kids eat healthy and grow up great!

For lots of great food, fun and family-centered ideas on!

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Jarett said...

This is really very informative and interesting sharing. Thanks man.

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