Saturday, August 20, 2011

My dads cookbook...Pol Martin: Supreme Cuisine

This book, Pol Martin: Supreme Cuisine was copyright in 1993.
My dad is a chef and this is one of the books he used to learn some techniques and recipes. He gave this to me and I will cherish it always.

I have to say, the recipes included in this book do range from beginner to advanced. However, if you are looking to make dishes that will impress, Supreme Cuisine will be a great addition to your cookbook collection.

This is one book I will never sell or give away. To be quite honest, I may not even loan this one out either. I love how it has little hand written notes in it from my dad and added loose papers where he wrote things down.

We should all have something special like this that will always remind us of our parents! If you don't, ask your mom, dad or grandparent to hand write some recipes for you. Then, you can pass them down to your children later in life :)

To read more about this book and see some pictures please click on this article: Supreme Cuisine cookbook


Jessie Gerl said...

Great blog, I love reading other peoples cooking advice, recipes, stories!

CookRunWrite said...

Thank you so much Jessie! It makes me feel good to know that you enjoy what I have to say :)

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