Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall foliage!

I was browsing through my pictures the other day and found some great fall foliage shots I took right from my back yard!

The unfortunate part: the reason I found them was because I was clearing pictures off my old, dying computer!

The fortunate part: I took some really pretty pictures and they made me smile :)

So, I am going to share them with you today! I hope they make you smile too! When i think of fall, I think about the pretty colors of the leaves, pumpkins, baking pies, Thanksgiving and Pine Sol!

Pine Sol? Yes, Pine Sol! I open up all the windows and clean my house with it. The smell is fabulous!!!!

If you are now in the "fall" mood and are yearning to bake, here are a couple of my favorite fall inspired recipes:

Smile! Happy Baking and Happy fall!

1 comment:

Emily Malloy said...

Beautiful! Love the fall :)

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