Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baking and Ingredients class with AIB

Hello, all! I have been a busy bee!
I have created a weekly schedule for myself in order to get in everything I would like to do each week. It's a process juggling work, family, baking, writing and studying! However, it can be done. They key is to be sure to take time for yourself doing things you enjoy because the moment you set aside doing the things you enjoy is the moment you begin to feel stress. (Thanks to my husband for pointing that out to me.)

However, all that being said, I have completed my first class with AIB! I made an 80 on my first quiz and then I made 100 on it when I took it over again.

The final exam was very detailed, but I put all of my focus into it and made a 96! I was very excited about has been years since I took classes for school :)

My next class will be a cookie baking class...this I am very excited about! I will keep you posted as to when I begin and as to what great things I am learning.

Today is is the day I have allotted for myself to workout! I am looking forward to doing my cardio today :)

Lesson learned: Stay consistent. Continue to do the things you enjoy no matter how crazy life can be. Make time for yourself no matter what :)

The picture above is my award winning: Mascarpone cheesecake! Click here for the recipe.

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