Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekend thoughts...

Its Friday! Whooo Hoo! I am very happy to announce that I will be off from work for 3 days! Thank you Labor Day :)
It has been a minute since I updated the blogging universe about my life.
I learned some valuable lessons over the last month or so:

1. People who try to control others are very insecure with themselves.

2. Cats are spiteful creatures.

3. Dogs love you no matter what and understand multiple languages.

4. Smile, smile, smile!

Let me elaborate:

People who try to dominate others do so to try and make themselves feel important. They try to make others fear them so they feel good about themselves, meaning a feeling of superiority. It is up to us to make sure that we do not allow these types of people to control us. We have a brain and no matter how much they try to manipulate us, we can not let the succeed!

Cats, ugh! I swear my cat, Tybo just tries to tick me off. He is afraid of aluminum foil. So when I want to make him stop doing something, I crinkle a piece and he runs away. and my brightness decided to place a piece on top of the stair rail post, where he likes to jump up while scratching with his claws. I walked in and saw that little booger playing with it! I guess the fear only works when I am holding the foil :(

My cute, adorable, sweet puppy on the other hand tries so hard to please us! He listens better now and tilts his little head when you speak to him in English OR Spanish! My bilingual little pup!

When in doubt, smile! If you are sad, smiling brightens your mood. If you are nervous, no one will know. If you are angry, people will leave you alone. Just smile no matter what! :)

Have a fantastic day!
Try making something new this weekend...try:

Ice box cake


Banana latte chocolate chip bread

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