Friday, November 1, 2013

Homemade butterfingers

 Happy Friday! Yesterday was Halloween and my son and I got in the kitchen together and made our own candy. His favorite candy bar is a Butterfinger...sooooo that is what we made.

The recipe was super easy. I found it in Taste of Home magazine. It used candy corns and peanut butter for the filling.

I melted white chocolate disks for the coating. However, I'm thinking some of the condensation from the double broiler must have gotten into the chocolates.  It did not liquify properly. So, instead of the chocolate covering each bar, I used a butter knife to add it to the top of each piece...almost like an icing. They still came out REALLY good! Just ask the people I work they are eating them today :)

If you are interested in starting to bake your Christmas cookies now and freeze them until Christmas, check out my Christmas Cookie Club page on Facebook! 

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