Friday, May 17, 2013

The Baking Queen is Back!

Hello, all!
I have been gone for some time...still in Raleigh, just working a LOT! Now that things are calming down, my plan is to get back to baking. Boy, do I miss it!

I have been researching local Farmer's Market again...hoping to get back into selling my baked goods there. I really enjoyed it when I sold at the North Raleigh Farmers Market.

My banana breads have always been a huge seller, along with the NJ coffee cake! I plan to bake some banana breads this weekend!

The flavors I make are:
Banana chocolate chip
Banana nut
Banana strawberry
Tropical (banana, pineapple and coconut)

I also make:
Apple cinnamon
Pumpkin chocolate chip

These sell for $5 each loaf.

If you would ever like to place an order, please contact me! I have just a $15 minimum.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the Farmers Market :)

My email address is:

I also have a Tastenc Facebook page you can check out to see some of the things I make!

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