Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oprah's chai tea at Starbucks

Orpah's Chai Tea Latte by Teavana (picture taken from Starbucks)

Have you been into Starbucks lately? For someone like me who drinks coffee daily, that is a silly question. They are offering a new kind of chai latte in the name of Oprah! Starbucks has always offered a chai tea latte of sorts, but now that Oprah's name is attached to it, I bet they are selling left and right, making the duo a ton of money!

I have written a piece on where to find a good chai latte in Raleigh, NC and within this article I talk about Oprah's amazing chai latte and provide a link for you to see what is in it and the nutritional info behind it.

If you live in Raleigh, or even if you don't, here is my take on a few of the best places to get coffee:

Here are a few of my latest pieces on coffee:

Happy sipping! 

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