Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas baking and money saving tips

My hope is that you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I think it is safe to say that we can start focusing on Christmas now!

The month of December is a great time to try new recipes. It allows us to spend time together with our family and friends in the kitchen. It also gives us an excuse to bake up new desserts...allowing us to say that we are practicing for Christmas! 

I love fudge! If you want to make easy fudge for the Holidays this year, check out this article on Christmas fudge recipes. 

How about the simplest of candy recipes.... Christmas candy bark

Both of these chocolaty treats are perfect to serve to your guests or give as gifts!

Ever consider giving a gift in a pan? Check out this article on this heart felt, yet economical gift idea: Gifts in a pan 

Here are some ideas on making your Christmas special without spending a fortune! 

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thanksgiving treat recipes

As Turkey Day approaches, I know I am always on the lookout for new and easy dessert recipes to make for my family. This is why I have decided on the topic of this blog post!

Hopefully, you will find something listed here that you want to try out for the big feast day this year. My goal is to post recipes that are just a little outside of the Thanksgiving box! 
Just click on the name of the recipe and the link will take you directly to it! 

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Best of...sweet spots in Raleigh NC

Two of my favorite sweet treats are cupcakes and donuts! So, you better believe I can guide you to some of the best spots in town for both.

I have recently been hired to write about events in the Raleigh area and I have been enjoying writing about all the places I have been to and love!

If you are looking for a good cupcake in the Raleigh area, be sure to check out the top 3 places I recommend...

Donuts and coffee...oh my! Looking for both in Raleigh? Here you go...

The Holidays are coming so you may want to get tasting now! What a treat a box of cupcakes or donuts will be for the Holidays this year! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oprah's chai tea at Starbucks

Orpah's Chai Tea Latte by Teavana (picture taken from Starbucks)

Have you been into Starbucks lately? For someone like me who drinks coffee daily, that is a silly question. They are offering a new kind of chai latte in the name of Oprah! Starbucks has always offered a chai tea latte of sorts, but now that Oprah's name is attached to it, I bet they are selling left and right, making the duo a ton of money!

I have written a piece on where to find a good chai latte in Raleigh, NC and within this article I talk about Oprah's amazing chai latte and provide a link for you to see what is in it and the nutritional info behind it.

If you live in Raleigh, or even if you don't, here is my take on a few of the best places to get coffee:

Here are a few of my latest pieces on coffee:

Happy sipping! 

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