Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Im back! Still baking...

It has been quite a while since I have checked in. I have been taking an online writing course AND I started up the baking business again. The baby will be 1 this month and I am able to spend time in the kitchen baking once again.

I have decided to do weekly specials for Tastenc. I post them on Facebook and send an email out to my client list each week. Customers can order from the options I post. This is what I have always wanted to do. It is too difficult to take orders for different things on different days of the week. This way, it is just like a store front. We meet at a designated location, once a week and I can stock up on only the supplies needed to make the specials each week. 

My husband continues to encourage me to start a bakery here in Raleigh, NC. I have given it a lot of thought and even purchased a book about how to go about doing so. I have to admit, it is a little scary. I do not want to fail.
However, my husband asked me this last night, "Babe, when have you ever failed at anything you put your mind to?" I had to answer honestly. I can not remember failing at something I put my mind to and my heart into. This just may be an option in the near future!
I will have to adjust all of my recipes to be able to bake up larger quantities AND would need to come up with a few new recipes as well. Every bakery needs cupcakes, right???

I am in the process of developing a couple of gluten free and dairy free options for those who need them. Of course, I will have to taste them and be SURE they taste just as good as the standard options :) 

I am looking for several more weekly orders. I would like to find companies and organizations that will have a standard order with me every week. 

I promise to keep you updated on Tastenc and any future bakery plans! 

Happy Baking! 

Here is a super easy recipe to make banana bread at home!

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