Thursday, August 13, 2015

Party time mixes...Yey or ney?

I am not one who is into prepared mixes of sorts. I would rather make my own recipes from scratch. But, I do try to keep an open mind about things. I eat a fairly clean diet and over the last several years have cut out nearly 100% of processed foods. Yeah...that was a tough one, but I do feel a lot better since making the change! 

ANYWAY...I was contacted by a Party Time Mix representative. She asked me if I would be interested in sampling some of the products. After taking a look at their website I decided to give it a green light. The main reason why, you might be wondering???? 

Because they offer products that are 100% natural! Yup. All natural products that will cut time off of your food preparations! THAT is why I gave it the green light. Thank you Krystal Tronboll for contacting, I'm hooked!

I chose to try:
Birthday Cake dip
Garden Spinach dip
Pina Colada drink mix

So far, I have tried making the Garden Spinach dip mix and the flavors were amazing! I made a spinach and artichoke dip with my mix. You could also make a spinach and cheese ball recipe, as the spice mix would be a perfect pair for them as well. 

These mixes make for perfect Holiday, Birthday, House Warming, Bridal Shower or a Just Because gifts. With the Holidays quickly approaching, these are ideal to keep on hand if you need a quick dish.

To check out these products and/or order, visit:

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