Friday, August 7, 2015

Thankful and Frustrated... both at the same time!

You may want to grab of cup of chai tea like the one in this picture and have a seat before you start reading this blog post...I will be sharing some personal issues and feelings....

Even though I have been writing for since 2009, it looks like that season of my life may be coming to an end...I am very sad to say.

The online magazine/newspaper of sorts has been making changes for several years, but this time they crossed the line with me. They have made me feel unappreciated...almost looking down on me as a writer. I understand that things like this happen in life and I keep telling myself that there is something better for me....another avenue for me to make money as a freelance writer.

I had issues with Google Adsense in the past. It appears that someone (you know who you are) tampered with my account and caused it to be deactivated. I have tried for years to get it reinstated but to no avail.

FINALLY, I am now a current, active member with Google Adsense! For this, I am so thankful! Instead of writing articles/recipes for, I will write them for myself and publish them on my blog! This blog. This is definitely an open door for my freelance writing.

I plan to start posting recipes here very soon! Maybe even later today. Thank you all for supporting me and continuing to follow me through the years. I have overcome so much. I am looking forward to this new blogging venture!!!

Oh, something else that I have decided to try...YouTube! I started my own channel. It is called: Pinterest Tutorials, How to use Pinterest... click here to check it out, like and subscribe : )

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