Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Frosch cleaning products

I recently tried a new line of cleaning products. Frosch, an eco-friendly brand out of Germany, is now available to us here in the United States!

The Aloe Vera dish soap, Universal Lavender cleaner and Baking Soda all purpose cleaner all have a fresh, clean scent without inundation of that chemical smell that other brands have. If I had to describe the odor of the products, I would say it is a combination of Ivory soap and baby powder. 

The dish washing liquid is not only gentle on the nose, but easy on the skin as well. Using this line of products through the house gives me the feel of safety. Safety because they make me feel as if it is safe to breathe immediately after used. 

Next, I am planning to try the Bio Spirit glass cleaning spray! It is said to offer streak free cleaning without ammonia! Yup...definitely the next on my list to try.

Don't just take my word for it though...try some out for yourself.

Check out the little Frosch frog! Isn't he so cute? 

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