Monday, June 27, 2016

Party Time!!! Now I can say I am the life of the party!

I am a brand new consultant for Party Time Mixes!

This company is amazing in what they offer to consumers, hosts/hostesses and consultants. The make dessert, drink and dip mixes that are free of preservatives and are non GMO. The mixes are made in a nut free facility and contain no wheat, soy or rice. They are absolutely delicious and are safe for us to consume.

Take a look at some of the delicious products:

Mudslide and Birthday cake!

Cotton Candy dessert mix!

Chocolate dessert mixes!

Ranch dip mix!

We can have a Facebook show together and you can earn free products. As a host, if you have just 3 people book a show with me from your show, you get $90 in free products! You can even use that money towards a kit if you would like to become a consultant. What an amazing incentive!

You can visit my website here to contact me: Deanna Party Time Mixes

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