Monday, June 20, 2016

Remember these? Hint...your parents probably had or still have one...

I found this gem at Lowe's Food a couple of days ago. Just the site of it made me happy! It brought back great childhood memories of Thanksgiving Day. My mom used to always have a huge bowl of whole nuts sitting out for Thanksgiving. Sticking out of the wooden bowl, you would see two of the handled crackers and a couple of the "picking" sticks.

This little jewel was on clearance for just $2. You can see how old it is by the discoloration of the plastic. But, that made it even more special to me!

I have one of those fancy gray, hard plastic nut crackers. It works well. But, nothing compares to one of these! Nothing like a nut flying out across the room to make for a memory to be cherished forever!

Moral of the story: Always check the clearance tables!

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