Thursday, January 21, 2016

Good Earth Teas: yummy to the tummy...and healthy too!

My husband and I sampled several of Good Earth Tea flavors and we are now hooked! The tea is smooth and flavorful. We definitely recommend this amazing tea!

Good Earth teas come in a wide array of flavors, but not your typical flavors by any means. Try: Sweet and Spicy, Citrus Kiss, Tropical Rush, Sweet Chai of Mine and Matcha Maker just to name a few. The tea names do describe the flavorings perfectly. The flavors are clear (easily tasted) without being overbearing or barely there. 

Some of the tea flavors are based with green tea while others have a base of white tea or black tea. So, whatever your tea leaf preference, there is something for you! There are also caffeinated as well as caffeine free varieties. 

With a name such as, “Good Earth”, you might figure that these teas are made with natural and healthy ingredients. You would be correct! Some of the tea flavors are labeled as USDA Certified: Organic.

You can visit Good Earth Tea online by following this link: Good Earth Tea 
There, you can read about the company and purchase your tea directly from the website.

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